Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Acclaim for Amanda Eliasch’s
The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly

“A brave account of an exciting life, lived by a woman who makes her own rules and then breaks them.”
                                                                                    Nigel Daley,
President, BAFTA – Los Angeles

“I was engrossed by the film – brave, proud and sad.”
                                                                                    Ed Pressman, Producer

“I enjoyed the film and found it very entertaining. It made me eager to find out more about you and your exotic life.”

                                                                                    David Korda

A very original, artistic and personal – Smanda is really putting herself out there as a bold new filmmaker.”

                                                                                    Sally Kirkland
Oscar nominated actress and Golden Globe winner

“An incredible piece of work – so brave and honest an sad and funny all in one bold and amazing way.”
                                                                                    Francesca Vinti
                                                                                    British Film Institute

“I was captivated…”
                                                                                    Joel Schumacher, Director

Your life is a kaleidoscope of events and deep emotions translated into a very powerful aesthetic. I watched your movie and time stopped.”

                                                                                    Marina Abramovich

"It takes huge  courage to show your own piece of art to anyone, and to show a film on a big screen, to a big audience is courage in the extreme – AND it was a completely open and honest , almost disarmingly honest, autobiographical film. 
I didn’t think the music was inaudible – I loved your choice of music, and thought it acted as a really great way of moving you thru the film. I also thought the cinematography and editing were very beautiful. There is a compelling, whimsical tone enhanced by the use of light which is very more-ish 
I would have like to have seen more of you in the film – we all said the same. You have something -  a delightful, slightly vulnerable, beguiling honest charm which is lost when someone else tries to do it". Amanda Neville BFI

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